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Warensoft Unity3D Communication Library Tutorial 1-class library structures

The followings are the descriptions of chief classes in Warensoft Unity3D Library

name space:

UnityCommunicationManager class

This class manages all the communication classes, that is ,all the communication classes need to instantiated by this class by invoking a specified method.

name space: Warensoft.Unity.Communication

UnityHttpClient class

This class manages communications via http protocol, just provide a URL, and this class could send the request to the remote server, and get the response from remote server.

SocketClient class

This class manages communications via tcp protocol, just provide an IP address and a port number, this class could connect to the remote server, and then send or receive bytes data.

name space: Warensoft.Unity.Communication.DataClient

DataContext class

This class manages sql server connections. this class provides common sql server operations, such as insert, update, delete, select. And additionally, this class contains the mapped data tables and data rows.

DataEntity class

Represents a data record

DataEntitySet class

Represents a data table

DataProperty class

Represents a data column(data field)

DataPropertySet class

Data column collection, it represents all the columns in a data row

DataQuery class

This class provides many methods to build sql server queries. These built queries will be sent to the Warensoft DataService servers, and be parsed to different sql statements that could be recognized by sql server.

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